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At Equisights Research, we are committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in our research across specialized sectors, offering our institutional clients exceptional and tailored services. Equisights gives precedence to depth and expertise in our niche areas, rather than appealing to a broad market. Excellence is the bedrock of our operations, evident in the comprehensive nature of our research, superior client services, team development, and our pursuit of continuous improvement.


“EQUISIGHTS” embodies Expertise, Quality, Unbiased, Insightful, Strategic, Integrity, Grounded, High standards, Thoroughness, and Specialization. This definition underpins our mission as an independent research house, highlighting our dedication to delivering expert, top-quality, and impartial insights. Our strategy, rooted in integrity, maintains the highest levels of thoroughness and specialization in all research facets.








High Standards



What We Do

  • Our Mission
    Equisights Research stands at the forefront of market analysis, renowned for its meticulous coverage of the U.S. financial landscape. As an esteemed independent research entity, we deliver cutting-edge insights across pivotal sectors including information technology, healthcare, consumer goods, industrials, financials, energy, and utilities.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders
    Our analysis is the cornerstone of investment strategies for a prestigious cohort of clients, encompassing buy-side funds, RIAs, Family Offices, and an expansive network of over 1,000 institutional investors. Our research illuminates the complexities of more than 500 listed entities, embracing the dynamism of OTC markets and mainstream exchanges alike.
  • Expansive Clientele and Strategic Partnerships
    Proudly serving a sophisticated client base, Equisights Research is the quintessential partner for over 1,000 institutional stakeholders, ranging from avant-garde hedge funds and family-owned ventures to RIAs and institutional conglomerates. Our commitment to excellence in research is amplified through strategic alliances and distribution accords with vanguard platforms such as FactSet, Alphasense, Refinitiv, and S&P Capital IQ, among others.
  • Focused Sectoral Expertise
    At Equisights, we pledge to furnish our clients with unparalleled research, with a keen focus on emerging sectors that shape the future: cutting-edge technology,resilient healthcare systems, consumer staples and discretionary sectors, robust industrial operations, and sustainable energy solutions.
  • Comprehensive Market Coverage
    Our narrative is defined by an expansive purview and profound sectoral expertise, underlined by comprehensive coverage of an impressive array of over 500 companies that define the American economic engine. With Equisights Research, empower your investment journey with insights that transcend the ordinary and strategies that pave the way for financial triumph.

Key Personnel

Parth T.

CEO & Head of Research

Equisights Research, led by Parth Talsania, encapsulates his expertise from roles as a Fund Manager, Investment Banker, Chartered Accountant, and Financial Analyst. Parth brings over a decade of robust experience in Investment Banking, Investor Relations, Capital Markets, Corporate Strategy, Valuations, and Asset Management, with pivotal front office roles at IDBI Bank, Indiabulls Securities, Indiabulls Consumer Finance, and Indiabulls Asset Management Ltd.

Neil D.

President, Global Family Office

Neil leads the company’s initiatives in Canada, overseeing all aspects of operations and strategy, while also presiding over the global family office & institutional segment. Neil has over 20 years of experience acquired from working in the financial market centers of Vancouver, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai with exposure to banking and financial services within renowned banks such as JP Morgan, ENBD, UAE and TD Bank.

Hiral S.

Director of Investment Banking

Hiral serves as the Director of Investment Banking at Equisights Research, overseeing the firm’s capital markets and investment banking practice. In this role, she is responsible for guiding the strategic direction and operations of the investment banking division, focusing on capital market activities, financial advisory services, and client relationship management. Her expertise and leadership are key in driving the success of the firm’s investment banking endeavors.