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Apple to restructure international sales operations, placing larger focus on India

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Apple is reportedly restructuring its international sales operations to place a larger focus on India, according to people familiar with the matter. The move comes as the country experiences a surge in demand for Apple products at a time when global sales have slowed down.

As part of the restructuring, Apple is promoting its head of India, Ashish Chowdhary, to succeed recently retired Hugues Asseman, who led India, the Middle East, Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa regions for the company. Chowdhary will now report directly to Apple’s head of product sales, Michael Fenger.

This shuffle will mark the first time that India becomes its own sales region at Apple, according to Bloomberg News. In the company’s recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook noted that “India is a hugely exciting market for us and is a major focus. Looking at the business in India, we set a quarterly revenue record and grew very strong double digits year-over-year.”
This move follows Apple’s efforts to boost its presence in India in recent years, including opening an online store and plans for a physical retail presence. The company has also been increasing its local manufacturing capabilities in the country.

Shares of Apple were marginally down in Thursday’s premarket hours.

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