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Google’s AI chatbot Bard makes its public debut in response to threats from Microsoft and OpenAI

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Google has responded to competing initiatives from Microsoft and OpenAI by making its AI chatbot Bard available to the general public. Before being introduced to more nations, Bard will be made available to a select group of users in the US and the UK who are on a waiting. The measure is a part of Google’s “code red” response to the public uproar produced by the public interactions of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was released in November.

By restricting the amount of user-chatbot interaction, Google is also taking a lesson from ChatGPT’s mistakes and its own Bard example. This is a hint to the recent propensity of AI to produce false or erroneous information. In addition, Google provides access to Bard via a website unrelated to its search engine.

In order to increase consumer engagement and service, tech businesses are putting a lot of effort into developing AI chatbots. The technique is not without problems, though. A history function on ChatGPT was recently deactivated by OpenAI after a flaw permitted some users to view portions of conversations from other users. This emphasises how crucial it is to protect users’ security and privacy when creating AI chatbots.

It will be interesting to watch if Google can compete with OpenAI and Microsoft after making the risky decision to enter the AI chatbot industry with Bard. Bard’s restricted availability to a small group of customers shows that Google is approaching the technology with caution and possibly learning from its rivals’ errors.

Chatbots are anticipated to advance in sophistication and become more common as AI continues to develop. The creation of these tools, nevertheless, must be done responsibly and with the utmost regard for the security and privacy of users. The introduction of Bard by Google is a positive development, but there is still much to be done to make the technology successful.


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