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Nexstar Eyes ABC: Is a Win-Win Disney Sale Unfolding? Implications Revealed!

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  • Q2 2023 Financial Performance: EPS: $2.55, Revenue: $1.24 billion, Net Revenue Change: -0.4% compared to Q2 2022
  • Acquisitions: Expanded market presence with acquisitions of KUSI-TV in San Diego and WADL-TV in Detroit
  • Corporate Governance: Restructured the board to an annual election cycle.

Financial Performance and Revenue Breakdown

Nexstar Media Group Inc. (NASDAQ: NXST) has delivered solid financial performance in the second quarter of 2023, exceeding market expectations and demonstrating resilience in a challenging environment. The company reported an EPS of $2.55, beating consensus estimates by $0.19, and recorded $1.24 billion in revenue, surpassing market expectations by $2.01 million. The company’s quarterly review highlights a slight decrease of -0.4% in net revenue compared to the same quarter in 2022, mainly attributable to declines in core advertising (-2.2%) and political advertising (-89.66%). However, a 7.67% increase in distribution revenue and an 11.36% rise in digital revenue offset some of the declines. Looking at the first half of 2023, there was a modest growth of +1.66% in total net revenue compared to the first half of 2022, with notable increases in distribution (+8.43%) and digital revenues (+13.77%). These figures indicate Nexstar’s ability to navigate changes in the advertising landscape and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Revenue Component 3M 2023 Consolidated 6M 2023 Consolidated 3M 2022 Consolidated 6M 2022 Consolidated
Core Advertising $404 (-2.20%) $821 (-2.40%) $413 (-2.17%) $841 (-2.41%)
Political Advertising $9 (-89.66%) $17 (-84.55%) $87 (-89.66%) $110 (-84.55%)
Distribution $698 (+7.67%) $1,428 (+8.43%) $646 (+7.67%) $1,314 (+8.43%)
Digital $98 (+11.36%) $190 (+13.77%) $88 (+11.36%) $167 (+13.77%)
Other $32 (+200.00%) $44 (+95.65%) $11 (+200.00%) $23 (+95.65%)
Total Net Revenue $1,241 (-0.40%) $2,500 (+1.66%) $1,245 (-0.40%) $2,455 (+1.66%)


Strategic Initiatives and Acquisitions

Nexstar has implemented strategic initiatives to drive growth and enhance shareholder value. The company allocated $189 million for shareholder benefits in the second quarter, distributed through dividends and stock buybacks. The recent restructuring of the board to an annual election cycle signals a commitment to strong corporate governance and shareholder representation. The affiliation with The CW Network, set to commence on September 1, 2023, expands Nexstar’s broadcast range and offers new opportunities for revenue generation. The recognition of Nexstar’s journalism excellence with 36 regional Edward R. Murrow Awards further enhances the company’s reputation and strengthens its position in the media industry. Furthermore, Nexstar’s strategic investments, acquisitions, and potential partnerships contribute to its growth outlook. The company’s equity investment in TV Food Network presents significant potential, and a potential partnership agreement renewal with Warner Bros. Discovery could have a significant impact on Nexstar’s financial future. Additionally, acquisitions such as KUSI-TV in San Diego and WADL-TV in Detroit expand Nexstar’s market presence and operational efficiencies, providing further growth opportunities.

Potential Opportunities and Agreements

The potential sale of Disney’s ABC network to Nexstar holds potential benefits for both companies, with enhanced content and improved negotiations with virtual MVPD services. Renewals of contracts and affiliations, such as the affirmation of affiliation with Fox Corporation for 29 stations and the multi-year distribution agreement with DIRECTV, underscore Nexstar’s commitment to premium content and expanding its viewer base.

Focus on Sports Programming

Nexstar’s focus on sports programming, including its acquisition of the Xfinity Series and ACC sports, positions the company to attract significant viewership and drive revenue growth. The launch of the ‘One Nexstar’ initiative and spectrum monetization efforts aim to enhance revenue growth and maximize the company’s unique position in the media landscape.


In light of Nexstar Media Group Inc.’s robust financial performance, marked by strategic initiatives and operational expansions, the company appears poised for substantial growth, we assign a “Buy” rating to the stock. With a keen ability to adapt to evolving advertising trends, expand broadcast reach, and foster strategic collaborations, Nexstar exhibits a strong foundation for future endeavors. The provided data underscores its potential, with a solid chance of approaching the bullish price target of $235 within the next year. However, investor caution is crucial. Despite the optimistic outlook, market unpredictabilities, competitive pressures, and existing valuation dynamics pose risks. As such, vigilant monitoring of market shifts, competitive landscape, and the company’s response to these challenges is imperative. Investors should remain watchful, ready to respond to changing market conditions, which could sway the stock closer to the bearish scenario of $175. A judicious and informed approach will be key in capitalizing on Nexstar Media Group’s promising prospects while navigating the associated uncertainties.

Disclosure: We don’t hold any position in the stock. this is not a recommendation of any kind as investing carries risk.


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