Nike Q3 Earnings Report Divides Analysts, but Overall Sentiment Remains Positive

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Nike’s Q3 Earnings Report and Analyst Opinion

Nike’s multinational corporation has announced its Q3 2023 earnings report, beating expectations with earnings per share (EPS) normalized and GAAP actual both at $0.79. The revenue actual was $12.39B, with a surprise beat of $908.80M. However, Nike’s Q3 results show inventory declines impacting margins, leading to divided opinions among analysts.

Mixed Analyst Opinion on Nike’s Q3 Earnings

Nike’s Q3 earnings release has resulted in mixed opinions from analysts. While some analysts are pessimistic about the inventory declines affecting margins, others believe Nike could see explosive revenue growth and margin expansion in 2024.

Pessimistic Analyst Opinion

Analysts at Wells Fargo and Bank of America noted that inventory declines are coming at the expense of margins, which missed consensus expectations in Q3. While the latter bank maintained an Outperform rating, the team noted that the valuation could be considered somewhat expensive at present.

Optimistic Analyst Opinion

Evercore ISI and UBS analysts view the Q3 results positively, with the former initiating a Tactical Outperform rating on the stock and the latter reiterating a Buy rating. Both believe Nike’s investments and growth prospects are strong and could lead to explosive revenue growth and margin expansion in 2024.

Nike’s Future Prospects

Inventory Declines and Margin Impact

Nike’s inventory declines have resulted in mixed reactions from analysts. While some believe that the declines are coming at the expense of margins, others believe Nike is poised for strong growth in the future.

Rebound in Demand

The Greater China region could spark upside for Nike in the near future, with a better inventory position compared to other markets and aiding the rebound against easy comparisons in 2023.

Enterprise Value

** In USD Millions. Estimates based on calculations by Equisights.


Despite mixed opinions from analysts, the overall sentiment towards Nike remains positive, with a consensus sell-side rating of Buy. Investors should keep an eye on Nike’s inventory position and how it impacts margins going forward, as well as the potential for a rebound in demand in the Greater China region.

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