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Contrary to Popular Belief: Is Vertiv’s Surge in Margins and Free Cash Flow a Prelude to an AI-Driven Revolution?

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  • Vertiv’s Q2 results shine: $1,734M sales (+25% YoY), $227M free cash flow, $150M adjusted profit boost.
  • Growth across segments: Critical Infrastructure & Solutions sales up 72.79% in Americas, Services & Spares strong globally.
  • Balanced demand, resilient supply: Q2 orders -3% YoY, +13% QoQ; strategic pricing, efficient inventory management ensure stability.

Vertiv Holdings Co (NYSE: VRT), a prominent provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has demonstrated robust growth and resilience in the second quarter of 2023. The company’s formidable financial performance, strategic initiatives, and optimistic market outlook firmly position it for ongoing success within the data center infrastructure industry.

Impressive Financial Performance and Guidance

During the second quarter of 2023, Vertiv reported net sales of $1,734 million, marking a significant 25% organic growth year over year. The company’s adept cash generation was evident, with adjusted free cash flow reaching $227 million, a notable increase of $460 million from Q2 2022. Moreover, Vertiv adjusted its full-year adjusted operating profit guidance by $150 million, establishing a range of $925 million to $975 million, bolstered by elevated net sales projections. Orders for the quarter exceed expectations, down only ~3%1 from the prior year’s second quarter and up ~13%1 from Q1 2023.

Growth Drivers and Segmentation Success

Vertiv’s robust financial performance is propelled by diverse growth drivers. A meticulous analysis of the company’s revenue breakdown highlights substantial growth in the Critical Infrastructure & Solutions segment, particularly within the Americas, where sales surged by an impressive 72.79% year-over-year. The Services & Spares segment showcased growth across all regions, underscoring the significance of aftersales services. Additionally, steady demand for data center solutions was observed in the Integrated Rack Solutions category.

Sales by Product and Service Offering Americas Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East, & Africa Total
Critical infrastructure & solutions +72.79% -3.46% +6.92% +32.57%
Services & spares +10.76% -2.46% +25.54% +9.50%
Integrated rack solutions +27.14% +0.19% +0.72% +13.70%

Balancing Demand and Resilient Supply Chain

Vertiv’s success is underscored by harmonized customer demand and supply chain resilience. Despite second-quarter orders registering approximately 3% lower than the previous year, the company experienced a sequential uptick of around 13% from Q1 2023. This equilibrium is evident in the book-to-bill ratio that hovers close to 1.0. Vertiv’s astute inventory management and optimization of working capital reinforce its capability to meet expected customer demand and upcoming ventures. In terms of pricing, Vertiv’s implementation of a price increase totaling around $125 million underscores its effective pricing strategies.

AI-Driven Growth and Adaptability

Vertiv is strategically poised to capitalize on the burgeoning acceleration in the data center infrastructure sector, propelled by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). The AI surge is ushering in transformations, including heightened demand for high-density and AI-specific operations. Vertiv’s extensive product portfolio and emphasis on thermal management position the company to adeptly address these evolving requisites.

Elevated Momentum and Strategic Confidence

Vertiv’s robust performance and raised guidance signal buoyant momentum and sustained expansion. The company outperformed financial projections in the initial half of 2023, achieving a 14.5% adjusted operating margin in Q2 2023. Adjusted free cash flow guidance for the full year was revised to $525 million to $575 million, marking a $200 million increase. The full-year net sales guidance was also adjusted upward to $6,710 million to $6,910 million, signifying steadfast growth. Notably, Vertiv elevated its full-year adjusted operating profit guidance to $925 million to $975 million, a testament to its operational efficiency and profitability.

Strategic Capital Allocation and Financial Fortitude

Vertiv’s astute capital allocation and financial prudence further augment its strength and adaptability. The company prioritizes long-term asset maintenance and expansion through judicious capital expenditures. Vertiv proficiently manages its debt through structured mechanisms like Senior Secured Credit Facilities. The presence of $274.9 million in cash and cash equivalents, along with an ABL Revolving Credit Facility of up to $570.0 million, underscores Vertiv’s robust liquidity position.

Valuation Multiples of VRT : A Compelling Investment Opportunity


Valuation Ratios Current 2023 2024 2025
EV/ Sales 2.86 2.59 2.83 2.95
EV/ EBITDA 30.74 16.92 17.70 18.16
EV/ EBIT 71.54 21.33 22.25 24.23
Price/Earnings 173.92 38.83 32.18 27.83

Source/Note: Estimates are based on calculations by Equisights

Analyzing the given valuation multiples, the stock currently trading at $38.72 presents a rationale for a buy rating with a target price of $40. The projected EV/Sales ratios indicate a potential recovery in revenue growth, although starting from a relatively higher level. The substantial decline in EV/EBITDA and EV/EBIT ratios reflects a positive shift towards improved operational efficiency and profitability. Moreover, the significant drop in Price/Earnings ratio implies a potential increase in earnings potential. However, careful consideration of broader industry trends and company-specific factors is essential before making an investment decision.

Disclosure: We don’t hold any position in the stock.

Contributor: Equisights Team


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